Created by Alex Spieth

Directed by Benjamin Viertel


BRIC TV Original Series 

To be released in 2020


When a hapless staff of a family-owned bar needs to make quick cash, they reluctantly band together to stage a robbery to gain sympathy from the community. 


BETWEEN THE BARS (suspended until further notice)
By Lynn Clay Byrne

Directed by Benjamin Viertel



Originally Scheduled: March 2020 

In the Visit Room of the county jail, five stories emerge between inmates and their visitors. In these moments, human connections are cherished, and fragile. Every sense is heightened, yet every wound festers, every fear looms, and every possible threat feels menacing. Still, love endures and hope curves towards faith despite all indicators. And we bear witness to the high price paid for criminal justice in our prison system.

More information: https://betweenthebarsplay.com/


POPCORN FALLS (suspended until further notice)
By James Hindman

Directed by Benjamin Viertel


Bristol Valley Theater, Originally Scheduled: July 2020

Sands Constellation Theater, Originally Scheduled: Fall 2020


Popcorn Falls is in crisis! The county’s diverting the water from the Falls to turn it into a sewage treatment plant. But the good citizens of Popcorn are not going down without a fight. If they can put on a play in one week, they’ll get a grant that will save the town. Two actors play all the zany townsfolk in this hilarious and  warm-hearted comedy.